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Getting Started Guide

Log in and access my account.

How to connect and access my subscription and videos.

To access your account, which you have created as well as your subscription package, and watch the videos…
Enter the following web page fight2fitness.gr

  • select the three-line icon in the menu on the right
  • select Member Login
  • enter your credentials, username, and password from your account

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Then, from the menu above, select:

  • Workouts
  • then click on the program you have purchased

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There, if your payment has completed or has been recipient (if we are talking about a bank deposit ), the videos will appear and you will be able to start watching your online workouts.

Payment methods:

In case you have chosen as the payment method Bank account deposit, After registering the purchase of your package, you must deposit in the bank account that you will find at the top of the registration page but also in your e-mail, the corresponding amount that is listed.

Confirmation will be made immediately by the website administrator Marios Stefanou and within the next few hours, it will be accepted and you will be able to access the videos of your training.

In case you have chosen as the payment method PayPalthe procedure is as follows.
By choosing PayPal as your payment method, clicking register at the end of the form will redirect you to a secure PayPal environment, log in to your account and complete the payment.

Then you will be able to immediately access your account and watch videos with your workouts.

The connection method is the same as we analyzed above

Purchase a different subscription package with the same account.

If there is someone who wants to buy another package or transfer from the Beginners Plan to another Fitness package then you should follow these steps.

1st.To be connected in his account with the data that he knows as mentioned above

2nd. Select the subscriptions button, which shows the subscription that is already either active or expired and just below are the other package options.

3rd. Selects one of the following packages, selects the payment method: Deposit to the Bank Account or PayPal. Finally, he chooses registration and then completes his order.

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If someone has purchased a subscription, paid with PayPal (Repeat subscription) and wishes to unsubscribe, they will need to take the following steps to cancel their upcoming automatic payments.

  1. Log in to PayPal account
  2. Select settings
  3. Payments
  4. Then click View in “Manage your automatic payments”
  5. Select the payment that corresponds to the package you selected and click CANCEL

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